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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. The Shikshapatri is one of the primary scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampraday. Lord Shree Swaminarayan, gifted mankind versed Shikshapatri for the welfare of His disciples and whoever joins the sect. It serves as a fundamental code of conduct encompassing everything from basic civic norms matters of health, hygiene, dress, diet, etiquette, diplomacy, finance, education, friendship, morality, habits, penance, religious duties, celebrations, and other areas.

It covers the codes that are applicable to devotees from all stages and walks of life — young or old; man or woman; married, unmarried, or widowed; householder or saints.

કીર્તન મુક્તાવલી

It is the essence of all the Scriptures including the Vedas. Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan instructed Nityanand Swami to translate Shikshapatri from the original Sanskrit into Gujarati so that his devotees in Gujarat could recite it and put the teachings of Lord Shree Swaminarayan into practice. It has since been translated into numerous other languages, Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj has been at the forefront of producing translations into various languages to make this divine Scripture accessible to as many people as possible.

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Visit website. Nitya Niyam. Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj. Over Kirtans in the palm of your hands; in Gujarati and Lipi. See more. Vachanamrut Learning App. Don't just read it! Study it!Shravan pronounced shraavan is the most holy month in the Hindu year. Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival with great joy.

We shall discuss the reason for this later. Raksha means protection. Bandhan means to be tied, to be bound. To understand the true significance of Raksha Bandhan, we must first know how it came about. Bali Raja, the demon king, greatly pleased Vaman Bhagwan by offering his head to step on.

Vaman Bhagwan then gave him a boon that Bhagwan Narayan will stay at his doorstep all through the year.

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She then adopted Bali as her brother, by tying a raksha on his wrist. This pleased Bali, who allowed her to ask for a boon. She requested that he allow Shri Narayan to return to Vaikunth. Bali agreed. From this episode about Bali Raja, this day is also known as Baleva. I tie on you the devotee the raksha which was tied on Bali. Therefore O Raksha! Do not ever fail to protect this bhakta.

Do not ever fail. The most important principle to understand and put in our life is: just as Bali Raja offered supreme bhakti by surrendering his own self and his kingdom to Bhagwan, we should mentally surrender our life to Bhagwan.

This means to believe that whatever we do in life, it is to please Bhagwan and our Guru. We should not do anything which does not please them. Only then will they guard us and protect us from maya. Practical Rituals of Raksha Bandhan On this day a sister will tie a raksha rakhi in Hindi on the right wrist of her brother s.

Shikshapatri (Shlocks 26-50)

Before that, she will perform the following rituals of pujan, to show her love for her dear brother: 1. Apply chandlo on his forehead, with kumkum, then with rice grains. Place a flower garland around his neck, a garland which she will have made herself girls who are old enough to use a needle and thread. Place a whole sweet, usually penda, in his mouth. Tie the rakhadi on the right wrist.

In some communities, this is tied after the first or second step. In return, the brother then presents a gift to her. Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan Shravan pronounced shraavan is the most holy month in the Hindu year. Home Things to Know.Shlock Explanation These two Shlokas explain the uniqueness of knowing about the Good scriptures, mentioned by him.

In those recommended scriptures too, the sentences and the Shlokas praising divine attributes like Trigunatita beyond three Gunas and Divya Vigraha of Lord Shri Krishna and the sentences which preach the religion with full force by presenting devotion and detachment as founding forces are to be given greater importance in the study, listening and reading of these scriptures.

These sentences and narrations are more important and valuable than the sentences some times decribining low profile of Shri Krishna in Lord's leelas to tempt demonic spirits. In short, stress should be more on the sentences, strengthening the principles. The scriptural narrations which contains 'mainly' or ' in principle' as integral part of the text should be treated as beacons. These words aim at proper discrimination between different sub-sentences.

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The beacons, such as - Mahamantra, Prakriti, Paramatma and Pragya are used in neuter gender. In nushell, other sentences are to be defined on the grounds of principal or beacon like sentences. The sentences such as escape of Lord Shri Krishna due to the fear of Kansa, Jarasandha, Kalayavan, Salva etc or to be taken away by their black-magic shows recede in great personality of God.

Now, this is the criticism of such sentences: Oh King! You just look at this contrasting set - one is ignorance based Shoka, Moha, affection and fear and just on opposite side is flawless science, pure form of knowledge and supreme God with His divine attributes!

And in Prabhasa area divine Leela : ' He removed the burden from the earth and discarded his earthly body' by such narration it points at God's act of leaving - discarding- his body. Here the body becomes indicative of worldly attributes and loses the sense of foreverness and divinity.

Such meanings are not to be considered as cardinal preaching. Great God protected you in womb against Brahmastra' or 'He won Lord Mahadev who is the Kala of the Kala who is Death God of the Death-Gods and sent a hunter to the heaven, could he be incapable of protecting himself?

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Oh King! Taking birth as human being by such God and to become dead are mere Maya of such God. And the descriptions like : '… and defeated Krishna carried Shridama on his back,' are to be interpreted in the line of the dictum - 'Glory and greatness of supreme God are beyond the limits of time, evolvement, final destruction, and evolutes of Maya.

He is the God of creation, sustenance and destruction, He is all knower, He is the beginning, He is the omnipresence and ultimate reality. One who is waging war without any favour from such ultimate reality, may win a war but as a remote possibility, where as Supreme God is always victorious everywhere and every moment.

Don't treat all the narration's and events equally. This is the intention here. Brahmpurana has explained it elaborately : Ignorance, dependence, acts and discriminations, human body, discarding human body, all these are for bringing demonic elements under His spell.

There is no drawback of Lord Vishnu anywhere. Similarly in the religion : Oh Uddhava! With this purpose, the smritis those are preaching the acts of desire and arguing for it should be discarded and ….

Because the statements preaching forsaking are founded on the dry religion deprived of the devotion.Your browser does not support JavaScript or is disabled. Javascript is required for this site to function and you will not be able to select kirtans without it.

Please enable Javascript and reload this page. Gunatitanand Swami is Mul Aksharbrahma. Shriji Maharaj is Bhagwan Purushottam. Whoever understands this principle will be freed from the cycles of births and deaths. You only are my mother, you are my father, you are my kin, you are my friend, you are my knowledge, and you are my wealth.

You are the God of all deities and you are everything to me. The one who gives true knowledge is the manifest form of Parabrahma. One who is adorned with eternal virtues; who is all-pervasive; whose form is divine; who endows jivas, ishwars, and infinite muktas with bliss; who is the cause of all avatars; whose renown is sung in the Veds; and who is worthy of knowing by even the great Munis; to that Sahajand, along with Akshar, I bow eternally.

Oh Parmatma! Protect us Guru-Shishya both. Nurture us both. Bless us that we may stay together and engage in noble and godly works. Bless us that what we learn is virtuous and that we do not develop animosity with each other. I bow to the form of Akshardham, Aksharbrahma Gunatitanand Swami, who is the endower of ultimate knowledge. I bow with love to Pragji Bhakta who is devoid of sin and is brahmaswarup.

I continuously bow with devotion to Shastriji Maharaj, Yogiji Maharaj, and manifest Guruhari Pramukh Swami Maharaj, who is the source of all virtues, for my liberation. I bow down to Shri Hari from the bottom of my heart, along with Gunatitanand Swami. I bow down to Pragji Bhakta and Shastriji Maharaj. I bow down to the compassionate guru, Yogiji Maharaj.

I bow down to Brahmswarup Pramukh Swami Maharaj, bestower of liberation. O Son of Dharma, ocean of compassion!All my satsangis should go to mandir every evening, and loudly sing dhun and kirtans about the greatness of Bhagvan. Swaminarayan kirtan bhkati website is providing online devotional free mp3 kirtan, Vedio kirtan, song, dhun and download of Swaminarayan Sampraday's Bhajan and kirtans.

Every evening, and loudly sing dhun and kirtans about the greatness of Bhagvan. Popular Kirtans. Rakho Prbhu Apne. Vandu Sahajanad.

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Archit Patadiya. Aarsh Patel.

Shikshapatri (Sanskrit, Gujarati & English)

Aasif zeriya. Aksharvallabh Swami. Anil Kalsariya. Anmol Khatri. Anup Jalota. Arth kumar. Arun Rajguru. Bhagwatcharan Swami.

baps shlok

Bhajanprakash dasji Swami. Chaitanyaswarup Swami Mumbai.

Aksharbrahma Stuti Mantra & Gunatit Mahima Shlok -- Jai Ho Aksharderi -- Baps

Chandubhai Rathod. Chaurjit Sharma. Chhapaiya Prakash Swami - Gadhpur. Dhanji Pindoria. Dhyanswarup Dasji. Dinesh Vaghasiya. Dipak Talsaniya. Ghansyam Bhagat. Gyanjivan Dasji Swami - Kundal. Gyanswarup Dasji Swami - Junagadh. Harikrishna Bhagat Sardhar. Harikrushna Patel. Hariom Sharan. Hariswarup Swami - Memnagar. Harivallabh Swami - Sarangpur.The Shikshapatri is the epistle of beneficial instructions written by supreme Lord Shree Swaminarayan.

It describes the rudiments that one should adopt in order to lead an honest and moral life. Adhering to the commandments that are clearly narrated in the Shikshapatri, is the key to attaining ultimate salvation, i.

With all My heart, I meditate on Shree Krishna, who resides in the divine abode Vrindavan; with Radha on his left and Shree residing within his heart. Shree Krishna is a generic name for the supreme Lord, i. Lord Swaminarayan. Vrindavan is a holy city on the banks of the river Yamuna, but in this context, it refers to pure and pious hearts. Shree is another name for the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Laxmi, but in this context, it refers to the Anadi-mukta, the greatest status of a liberated soul, who live within the Lord's murti in union with His murti.

He is the current and fifth heir in the lineage of ascetic Acharyas, which descends directly from Lord Shree Swaminarayan. He is the incumbent Acharya of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi. Toggle navigation. Yours donations being distributed - Updated Apr 10, Books Kirtan Books Scriptures. Shree Ghanshyam Vijay More. Verses of Meditation Slok 1. Slok 2. Slok 3. Slok 4. Slok 5. Slok 6. Slok 7. Slok 8. Slok 9.

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Slok Slok 1. Prev Chapters Next.Death comes from temptation and immortality come from the truth. You are a small replica of the universe. In you, there lies immortality and death.

It is upto you to decide which one you want to be. Next read — Why you should be following your own nature? Explains Bhagavad Gita Karma Yoga! Pankaj Kumar February 5, at am.

Shikshapatri (Shlocks 101-125)

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